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We are a team of professional and experienced guides, from well to excellent English speaking, licensed by Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism.

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Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre

Have you ever made a pot by your hand? Do you want to try it?

Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre, formerly known as National Centre for Khmer Ceramics Revival (NCKCR), is an organization aiming to rediscover and reintroduce Khmer ancestral pottery techniques and support the development of contemporary Khmer ceramic art. In the process, the Centre creates economic opportunities, helping to decrease poverty in Cambodia.

From the moment you step into the Khmer Ceramic Centre the first thing that you’ll come across is its boutique with its selection of top quality hand-made ceramic items reflecting Khmer art and culture, such as jars, cosmetic bottles, serving bowls, decorative bowls, tableware, oil burners and Khmer accessories. Products are developed using a blend of proven ancient Khmer ceramic production skills and latest techniques based on the research and studies on Khmer antiques. Developed in compliance with European Union regulations, each of the items produced here is as functional as beautiful. [8]

This Centre now opens a pottery Class. They offer 2-hour classes where you can learn the ancient art of Khmer pottery. You are guided by Khmer potters, and no experience is necessary to create your own ceramic work of art. They will deliver your fired and glazed masterpiece to your place in Siem Reap within 24 hours.


Class Schedule : Daily
Class Times : 08h00am, 10h00am, 14h00pm & 16h00
Length of time : 1h45
Attendant : Adult and kid (from 3+)
Skill level : no skill required
Other service : Free Pick-up/Drop off
Cost : US$25/person

  • Short visit of the center
  •  Learn the potter’s tools, steps & mistake to avoid
  • Make 3 bowls with a teacher on the potter’s wheel
  •  Make 2 Pieces on your own on the potter’s wheel
  •  Learn basic carving steps ‘’Kback’’ & mistakes to avoid
  • Carve your 5 pieces
  • Understand our firing process after your class
  • Choose your favorite piece to bring home (we will fire and glaze it for you during the night). If you want extra piece(s) to bring home we will only add +$5 for each extra piece. For more information, please visit

For booking, please email us with your information as follows:

  • Your name(s)
  • Number of participants 
  • Date of class
  • Time of class you want