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We are a team of professional and experienced guides, from well to excellent English speaking, licensed by Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism.

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Dinner with Apsara Dance

The Apsara Dance comes from the legend that Cambodia originated from the union of the hermit Kampu and the Apsara Mera. This dance shows Mera, dressed all in white, dancing in her garden. The dance shows happiness and prosperity for the whole country. She is joined by her maidens who present her with flowers which express a love of her from the people of Cambodia.

Koulen Restaurant takes pleasure in providing a warm welcome to all customers with a courteous and friendly service and a wide range of Khmer, Chinese and Western buffet. During your dinner, you will be entertained by a Khmer traditional dance performance. This stunning, traditional dance is worldly famous and you can see it here at Koulen Restaurant!

Our show includes the Coconut Shell Dance which is homage to the coconut trees that can be found all over Cambodia. It was created by artists from the Royal University of Fine Arts and presented during our shows! We also feature the Fish Harvest Dance which is inspired by the heavenly blessed earth and water! There is a saying in Cambodia that says: "Where there is water, there are fish". This dance brings the fishermen to the stage, recreating their fishing methods, equipment and even a courting scene!

Open Daily from Monday to Sunday
Buffet starts at 18h00pm.
Show starts at 19h30pm.
Dinner with dance show costs US$12/person


For booking, please email us with your information as follows:

  • Your name(s)
  • Number of participants 
  • Date of dinner with dance show
  • Other request you want