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Cambodia's Climate

Like most of the countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia's climate is hot and warm almost the whole year. Located in the tropical zone, Cambodia is dominated by the annual monsoon cycle with its alternating wet and dry seasons. The rainy season lasts from May - October, and the dry season from November - April. December - January are the coolest months while the hottest is April. Cambodia has a temperature range from 21°C to 37 °C and it has two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. However, the dry season is divided into sub-seasons, creating four annual seasons in Cambodia as the following pattern.

November-February: Cool and dry.

This period is generally considered to be the best weather of the year across the country - comfortably warm days, clear skies, no rain, light breeze, cool evenings. Beach weather in Southern part of the country is very ideal. Average mid-day temperatures are in the mid 20°C, sometime dipping below 20°C. The minimum temperature during this period is approximately 21°C and the maximum 32°C.

March-April: Hot and dry.

Weather during these months is completely dry. Less breezy in this period, the sun can be quite intense and the air becomes hazier with the rising humidity. March is a bit comfortable, but the temperature in April could hike up to 39 °C or above. Sometimes, even though it is quite hot, the lack of rain still leaves this a good time of year to visit the temples or the beach. The minimum temperature during period is 26 °C and the maximum 39 °C.
May-August: Hot and wet.
The southwest monsoon brings the rainy season from mid-May to early/late October. Although strongly influenced by the beginning of the wet season as the area constitutes the easternmost fringe of the south-west monsoon, May is the warmest month. In most parts of the country, the monsoon rains are fairly predictable, usually occurring in the afternoon or at night and the afternoon rains usually last no more than a couple of hours making you fairly easy to plan around, especially if you are visiting the temples or touring. In fact, Angkor temple complex is at their aesthetic best during the wet season. The minimum temperature of May - August is about 25 °C and the maximum 34 °C.

September-October: Cool and wet.

The rainfall is high and becomes more regular throughout September, but by October, the frequency usually drops off considerably and the end of October the rains are close to stopping completely. When the rains end late October, the best time of year to visit Cambodia begins. The weather condition during this period is close to ideal for a comfortable visit to Cambodia. The mornings are generally sunny and warm and the humidity level creates a favorable condition for touring around. The countryside is lush and green as it has been receiving the monsoon rains for months. The minimum temperature of September - October is about 24 °C and the maximum 32°C.